Ensemble Abraxas

From a long standing friendship sprang this unique Ensemble into life.

First founded in 1999 and since then enjoying national and international concert careers, the Abraxos Ensemble mixes up the their groups’ make up from piece to piece to reach the upper echelons of program variety, which they hope to maintain and develop into the future.

The musicians chose the name ABRAXAS to present an acquired variety and the impression of matured and opposing tensions.




Abraxas is a magical incantation that was a secret used by the greek and oriental Gods… And if the discussion is about magic, the Trio truly bewitched the sold out City Hall with their musik. … Their collaboration was characterized by exceptionally unified impression.
                                                                       -Eckernfoerder Newspaper

The three artists understood each other with an almost blind faith and in the immediate action of bringing the composition to life…. With  bravery and risk, with concepts from the visionary acoustics of Olivier Messiaen the artists revealed a spectrum of sound that is filled with new tone figurations and sounds combination.
                                                                         -Nordbayerischer Kurier


Ogasawaras’ pearly run of the key board and the perfect cascades were impressive, but never self serving. She stood in the ever rising discussion of the eruptive and mystical sounds of the strings in the late romantic oscillations.
                                                                                        -Badischer Zeitung