Piano Chambermusic

Since the early stages of her career, Ogasawara has been giving concerts with her excellent ensembles within Germany as well as on the international stage. She is an all around well versed and harmonious partner.


Also a word of admiration to the amazing pianist Oagasawara:  she successfully managed a difficult balance between leading, accompanying and integrating in the general sound; an apparent paradox of submissive dominance.
(Brahms u. Dvorak Klavier-Quintette)                        
                                                                              – Süddeutsche Zeitung -


Tomoko Ogasawaras’piano playing shows a precious instinct for tone, a high technical skill, a musical profundity, an absolute depandability, and a great sensitivity for synergy and interaction.
           – Prof. Georg Klütsch (Hochschule für Musik und Tanz Köln) - 


We would especially like to mention the exceptional pianist Tomoko Ogasawara, through her effortless performance of Mozart, her lithe and virtuosic ability were revealed. The Japonese pianist studied in Germany, which one can continually see. Despite the germanic rigidity, she kept her playing fresh and through that allowed the poetry and whimsy of the work to reveal itself.
 (Mozart  Klavier - Quartett Es-dur KV493 )                                    
                              - Jean Marie Schreiber , MUSICALTA  L'Alsace /France